Embroidered Kurtis And Daily Dressing

Embroidered kurtis are the latest trend of the season. These versatile Indian wear are now the favorite of women of all age groups. The fact that they can be used for casual wear, party wear and office wear make them even more...

Why Wear Kurtis?

Do you like kurtis? Maybe you're still too much in love with your old pair of jeans and tank tops. Maybe you like your sarees and Anarkali too much. But here we are to convince you why kurtis are THE best wear for Indian women...

Cotton Kurtis


Summer is here. With that comes the exhausting task of getting our summer wardrobe ready. We are completely aware what kind of dilemma women go through during this change of season. Old clothes don’t...

Wear Kurtis As Dresses

What To Pair With Your New Kurti?

03/31/2016 - 18:41 | Yoko24

So, you got a new kurti (we’re hoping you designer kurti yourself because that’s so cool) and now you’re wondering what to pair with your new...

Look good in embroidered kurtis

4 Secrets To Look Good In Kurtis

03/31/2016 - 18:22 | Yoko24

It’s a fact that kurtis are the current favorite of Indian women. Be it a teenager, college girl, working woman or a housewife – kurtis are everyone’s comfort wear. But are you the kind who is still not able to adopt the trend...

tips to accessorize kurtis

How To Accessorize Party Wear Kurtis?

03/16/2016 - 23:12 | Yoko24

You’ve got that impeccably embellished party wear kurti from that big designer. You’ve got the right pair of shoes and makeup. You’ve piled up a lot of accessories to make sure you’ve enough choices for the D-Day. But what if...

online Trends You Must Check

Are you planning to buy some new kurtis? Why not! Every girl deserves a couple of new pieces in her wardrobe. But what’s the point of getting new dresses if you’re going to follow those same old boring fashion trends.

Best Fabrics For Party Wear Kurtis

5 Best Fabrics For Party Wear Kurtis

02/26/2016 - 04:29 | Yoko24

All of us want to look gorgeous at a party. But, often it is assumed that only western wear makes you look hot and sensual. However, you will stop believing that after you’re done reading this. The reason being, you’ll never go...

kurtis for girls for different occasions

Indian wear is considered the most graceful form of clothing and we should all be proud of it. On most occasions we tend to slip into western wear and are completely reluctant to wear...

embroidered kurtis types

Indian culture is well diversified in various aspects and this is seen in the kind of creativity put into making the native clothing look authentic and classy.

The traditions have been...



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