What To Pair With Your New Kurti?

So, you got a new kurti (we’re hoping you designer kurti yourself because that’s so cool) and now you’re wondering what to pair with your new kurti. It would be very weird if you have got a kurti for the first time in your life and have never faced this situation before. With so many choices, confusion is bound to happen. Not anymore.

Allow us to tell you about the top 7 things you can pair with your new kurtis. Let us be clear. We’re going to talk about bottoms in this post. No accessories and stuff (check out our post about how to accessorize party wear kurtis for that).

  1. Grab the comfy leggings

kurtis look amazing with leggings

Let’s begin with the timeworn way. Grab some leggings (probably they’re already in your wardrobe) and get a classy casual look which is perfect for lunch with your bae or even a quick stroll in the market. It’s ideal for daily wear, very comfortable and easy to carry attire.

  1. Get back into the classic dress

ear kurtis with jeans

You can pick jeggings or jeans of any color, but we wanted to specify the traditional favourite here. White kurta and blue jeans – a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. Buy it, wear it and flaunt it.

  1. Skirt it

Bollywood divas have rocked this look of wearing kurtis with skirts. Initially, it began as an outfit for weddings and big family functions (yes, the inspiration certainly came from Punjab) but now skirts and kurtis go hand in hand.  Be very careful while styling this as a little mistake can make you look like a disaster.

  1. Go the palazzo style

If you have an apple or rectangle shaped body, palazzos can make you look broader. We don’t think it’s a good idea for you to wear palazzos, but anyone else simply has no reason not to team up her new kurti with a palazzo. They’re perfect for summer and look fresh.

  1. Rock the Punjabi look

The most common dress around Punjab is a salwar suit. It’s a two-piece dress which consists of a kurti and salwar. It’s usually paired with a dupatta. Now, there are many kinds of salwars. You can grab any salwar, Patiala, Afghani and more and team up your kurti with it.

  1. Wear it as a dress

wear kurti as a dress

Do you even need a bottom to pair with your kurti? Some kurti styls are so versatile that they can easily be worn as a one-piece dress. If you don’t mind going completely western, try it.

  1. Go formal with trousers

The working women have come up this high style to wear kurtis. Pants, when paired with elegant embroidered kurtis, look superb and can be worn for the office or any other occasion. They’re our favourite.

What about you? How many kurti styles have you tried yet? Have you tried pairing your choice of kurtis with the seven things we mentioned in this post? Did we miss anything? Let us know!