Top Trends For Party Wear Kurtis For Valentine Day

Do you want to look your best and impress your better half on Valentine Day? If yes, close all the other tabs and sink into this post as here I’m going to list everything you need to know about the trends for party wear kurtis for Valentine Day that will make you look gorgeous.

Top Ethnic Wear Trends for Valentine Day

Be happy as you’ve chosen the perfect type of dress already. Valentine day is a romantic day, and some people maybe inclined towards Western outfits but understand that a kurti can be the most sensuous item in your wardrobe if you are interested in making it possible. How will you make it possible? Follow these tips.

1. Boat neck and V-neck

neck designs for party wear kurtis

I like to begin with the hottest trend of the season, and that’s entirely focused on the neck designs. There are two of them you shouldn’t ignore - boat neck design and V-neck design. If you have a toned and long neck, go for the former one, and if your neck is a bit thick making you desire for a toned down look, you must pick the V-neck design. Both the designs are equally in rage. Just pick the one according to your neck structure.

2. Side slits to show off your toned legs

Pant style suits and party wear kurtis are in vogue. They present a perfect classy and sophisticated look. And woman! You’re lucky if you have toned legs that can flaunt the look. I wouldn’t suggest you try it if you have heavy legs. Stick with the denim or traditional pajamas/churidars in that case.
Wait! Here’s a way to make the look 100 times better - wear a kurti with a side slit over you fitted trousers or pants and trust me! You will just change the entire look and improve it manifolds.

3. Pick kolhapuris or ballerinas

I have given you two choices depending on your personal style picks. You must be able to pick one of these and incorporate it into your Valentine Day outfit. I know, you had expected something like stone studded heels or glittery pumps but let’s be practical here. You don’t have any idea where your loved one will take you for the date. Imagine if you had to walk a mile in those painful heels! To avoid such embarrassing and displeasing situations, style your outfit to wear comfortable footwear that also acts as a statement piece in your attire.

4. Add in some sequins and mirrors

party wear kurtis design trends

Both of these are top two design elements of the season. You have to incorporate them into your style. Don’t think about that girl you don’t like who might wear something similar. She won’t. She isn’t smart enough to read this article and pick up the design ideas. You can use these and look beautiful. Although I would prefer to let you use your imagination and taste to pick how the design should be, but if you want my suggestion, try mirrors and sequins placed around the neck area followed by a plain fabric for the rest of the kurti.

5. Try the flip side of embroidered kurtis 

If you didn’t understand the concept by the heading, I am sorry. I was just trying to be overly creative but ditch the traditional embroidered kurtis which have designs on the front. Rather, focus on the back design. Contact your designer or get in touch with me at +91-9161314138 to get your fully customized design prepared for the big day. 

back design for party wear kurtis

6. Don’t forget the accessories

Throw in some accessories to complete the look. 90% of the women overdo accessories and hence, mar the look of their otherwise beautiful outfit. Don’t make such fashion mistakes. You don’t need to wear every accessory that will match your dress. Just pick 1-2 statement pieces and wear them. The combination may include a statement ring and a necklace, statement earrings and bangles, and combinations like these. Note that I have just kept two statement pieces which are picked up in a manner not to make you look cluttered with jewelry. Take the clue and choose the perfect accessories.

I have given you the best tips you can find on the internet to style party wear kurtis for Valentine Day. If you still have doubt, you can connect with me on social media and get all your queries sorted out. Don’t forget the tip I gave you about getting your own customized kurtis. I can help you with that, and you better hurry if you want the dress ready on time.