How To Accessorize Party Wear Kurtis?

You’ve got that impeccably embellished party wear kurti from that big designer. You’ve got the right pair of shoes and makeup. You’ve piled up a lot of accessories to make sure you’ve enough choices for the D-Day. But what if you mess everything up at the accessories? A lot of women do that.

If you want to make sure you’re not amongst the fashion police offenders, grab a cup of tea and start reading! Here are the things you must know to accessorize party wear kurtis.

1.    Create a balance:

Before we go ahead to discuss some of the most common accessories and how to pair them correctly, here’s one general rule. Don’t go overboard with accessories. A heavily embroidered kurti must go with minimal accessories. A plain or printed kurti would look best with some statement pieces. Focus on balancing everything. Even your makeup!

2.    Earrings:


The choice of earrings depends on the shape of your face and of course, your ensemble. You can also introduce variations according to the look you want to create. For example, for a traditional Punjabi look, go for some baalis (also called jhumkas/kundals). For a modern look, pick some diamond studs or sleek pairs. For the office party, simple studs would look best whereas, for big family functions, heavy traditional jewellery is the best pick. If you’ve got a round or small face, go for long earrings. Do the opposite for an oval or long face. Clear with the earrings part? Let’s move on to necklaces.

3.    Necklaces:

statement diamond necklace for party wear kurtis

Try beads when you’re wearing a printed or chiffon kurti. Go for kundan jewellery when dressed in a plain or embroidered kurti. Skip them if you’re going for a heavily embroidered party wear kurti and heavy jhumkas. Necklaces look best when you wear them as statement pieces. Go light with every other accessory and even with your dress, if you want to bring a chunky heavy necklace.

4.    Handbags/Clutches:

embroidered handbags

Carry simple clutches with heavily embroidered party wear kurtis. Plain and printed kurtis would look fantastic with heavily embroidered or embellished handbags/clutches. Whether you should carry a sizeable handbag or a small clutch depends on your comfort and need. Just understand that if you’re heavy, you should carry a sleek bag as a big bag in your hand would make you look bulkier. Just something we’ve noticed over time. You can disagree with us, but we can prove our point every time!

5.    Bangles/Bracelets:

bangles as accessories

For traditional functions, wear those glass or metal bangles that are symbolic of Indian culture. Try bracelets if you want a contemporary look. With a heavy dress, you must go for sleek bracelets/bangles. Go to thick pieces with a simpler piece of attire.

6.    Rings:

statement ring for parties

We love statement rings. They suit any dress. Just grab one of these for any kurta you wear. Don’t forget what we stated in point 1. That’s important. Always.

7.    Hair accessories:

It’s your choice how you want your hair to be. Headbands and studded hair pins look hot but only when you moderate the bling you put on yourself.

Remember that the key to accessorizing the party wear kurtis in a perfect manner is to balance everything. If you’re wearing a heavy dress, go light on accessories. If you’re wearing a heavy necklace, skip the earrings. If there’s a chunky ring in your fingers, stay subtle with the bangles/bracelets. Makeup must always look natural.

There you have it! The perfect recipes to accessorize the party wear kurtis. Do you think we explained it well? If yes, let us know!