Things That Will Make You Fall in Love With Kurtis

Do you like kurtis? Maybe you're still too much in love with your old pair of jeans and tank tops. Maybe you like your sarees and Anarkali too much. But here we are to convince you why kurtis are THE best wear for Indian women. 

Comfortable yet fashionable

You don’t want to spend your whole day in those tight, body-hugging dresses; this is where kurtis come in. Kurtis are very comfortable and come in various styles, colours and designs, which makes them a perfect choice for numerous occasions. They keep your body relaxed and free from any restriction, also make you more confident.

For for all occasions

Indian society could be very conservative when it comes to upholding their culture and traditions. There are various places and occasions where wearing shorts and western dresses could be frowned upon. This is where kurtis could be your best friend because they are ethnic, but quite fashionable and modern at the same time. Kurtis can be worn at many occasions, be it a cultural event, friends get-together, family function, or festival celebration, you can rock kurtis without having second thoughts.

Pocket friendly

As Indians, we are crazy for pocket-friendly and cheap items. Knowing this, kurti makers are exploiting us. There is a huge price range for kurtis in the market at this time. Depending on whether you want a comfortable, daily-wear cotton kurti or a heavily embroidered silk party wear kurti, choices are unlimited and prices shoot from ground to the moon. Determine your need and spend wisely.

Cotton Kurtis

Accessories are not an issue

Every woman, somewhere in her closet, has a box full of accessories. An easy to accessorise outfit like Kurti, has always been and will always be women’s favourite. Depending on your occasion and style, you can accessorise your kurti with junk jewellery, or even gold and silver, options are innumerable. Belts or chains, stilettos or wedges, bracelets or bangles, anything, could be paired with kurtis and look fabulous. So put on your experimenting cap, and get going.

Your choice of fitting.

These days, kurtis are available in almost all clothing shops and showrooms. Some brands sell only kurtis and accessories, both online and offline. While you can opt to buy ready-made kurti from anywhere, you can also buy unstitched material and get it stitched by your tailor, according to your measurements. Let’s face it, all of us can't fit in those branded “model-sized” kurtis. So it’s always a good option to get a tailor-made kurti, which would fit you correctly and enhance your confidence, rather than make you feel uncomfortable. You can also get customized embroidered kurtis to make your outfit even better.

Embroidered Kurtis in Making

Wide Range of bottom-wear to be paired with

Kurtis give you the liberty to choose your favourite bottom-were with them. You can pair your kurti with your favourite pair of jeans or leggings, Patiala salwar or a churidar. You can even pair a short kurti with a skirt; even harem pants look amazing. So you see, choices are many, you just have to start thinking out of the box.

What do you say? Are these enough reasons to fall in love with kurtis?