How To Take Care of Embroidered Kurtis?

As much as we love our traditional apparel, it is also true that maintaining these pieces of clothing requires a lot of time and attention. This holds especially true for designer fabrics that make use of intricate patterns such as embroidery. In contemporary times, women of the corporate world have taken to ethnic wear in a big way and embroidered kurtis form one of the essential components of their wardrobe. So if you want to know how to take good care of this unique collection of embroidered kurtis that you own, then you have come to the right place!

The following simple instructions will go a long way in helping you out with maintaining your kurtis.

Embroidered Anarkali Kurti

1. Avoid the washing machine

Embroidered kurtis come with delicate thread patterns that can be easily damaged if the fabric is washed in the machines. So the best way out would be to avoid using the washing machine. Instead, go for gentle hand wash for your embroidered kurtis. This will clean them properly, and also ensure that the embroidery is not damaged.

2. Air dry your kurtis

Once in a while, it is vital that you expose embroidered kurtis to fresh air. Even after a wash, it is recommended that you dry them in the fresh air. This will also help to keep any unwanted odor at bay, and make your fabric look very bright.

3. Choice of detergent matters

When it comes to embroidered kurtis, hard detergents with strong chemicals can be extremely damaging. They can result in discoloration of the thread, which gives a very dull appearance to the outfit. Always use mild detergents for washing. In case you do not have the time to wash, it always helps to get the embroidered kurtis dry-cleaned.

4. Iron the fabric when damp

The routine followed while ironing embroidered kurti is also a major consideration when it comes to caring for these fabrics. As a best practice, it is advisable to iron them when they are a bit damp. In case the material has already dried up, you can make use of a spray bottle to make it wet. The idea is to ensure that the apparel is free from wrinkles, and gives a neat appearance when you finally go out wearing it.

Embroidered Kurtis

5. Storage is important

Another good practice you can follow to maintain embroidered kurtis is to store them properly. Make use of separate storage boxes wherever possible. In case you do not have enough space to keep the boxes, you can go in for tissue paper to wrap the fabrics. The tissue will help to keep any moisture or unwanted contact with the fabric at bay. This will ultimately result in long life for your embroidered kurtis.

6. Brush off the stains

In case you are grappling with stains on any of your embroidered kurtis, you can make use of a soft brush to clean them. Never rub the fabric rigorously as it can damage the embroidery thread.

7. Avoid perfumes where possible

We all love to put on our favorite scent every time we dress up. But this can also impact the appearance of the fabric as it tends to get discolored; the dyes begin fading out. So if you can limit the use of perfumes and deodorants where possible, there is nothing like it!

Keep these easy to follow steps in mind and we guarantee that your embroidered kurtis will last a long time, with all the beauty and elegance intact.