How To Style Embroidered Kurtis in Winter?

Kurtis have effortlessly entered the formal wear and casual wear wardrobe of every Indian woman. They’re loved because of the versatility and comfort they have to offer. But wearing Indian wear in winter becomes hard. You simply don’t understand what to wear with Indian wear in winter. Don’t worry anymore. Here’s how you can style embroidered kurtis or any kurti in winter.

Styling kurtis in winter

Styling embroidered kurtis in winter

1. Pick the right kurti

Indian wear doesn’t offer much when it comes to winter fabrics. Mostly, women rely on the outerwear like jackets and sweaters for the much-required warmth. At the same time, we must clear that cotton isn’t the fabric to wear in winter. 

Winter fabrics include velvet, dupion, silk, and rayon. It’s your chance that you can find kurtis even in woolen fabric but they may not be fit for formal wear. You can try that fabric for casual or daily wear. 
Also, try to avoid fabrics like chiffon and georgette. They’re thin and will do nothing to keep out the cold. 

2. Grab some warmers

You can scavenge the entire internet for tips on styling embroidered kurtis in winter and surprisingly, no one has even mentioned this point. It’s like skipping talking about lingerie while talking about wearing a dress correctly. It’s a folly and often results in embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions or unintended exposure. 

There are several brands available in the market that supply good thermal wear. Some even supply seamless thermal wear. You can just wear one underneath your kurta, and you wouldn’t even need any more help during normal winter weather. 

3.   Invest in some scarves and beanies

You can always style some scarves with embroidered kurtis and they go extremely well as scarves are very much like dupattas which are a traditional accessory worn with kurtis. Grab some scarves that match with your winter kurtis and wear them to work or college. 

4. Invest in long overcoats

Long overcoats are very much on trend, and there are so many types of overcoats that would look fantastic with kurtis. Invest in a classic camel coat. Grab some more colors in that design. Once you have the basic one for yourself, try a duffel coat, Chesterfield coat, trench coat and a knitted overcoat. Better skip the anorak, parka, peacoat and blazers.

Many women may tend to prefer a peacoat and blazers with kurtis especially for formal wear but they give an illusion that you’re wearing a shirt that’s not tucked in (when it should be) and hence, don’t really look pleasing with kurtis.

5. Grab some jackets

Jacket-style suits were the hottest trend in the summer when it comes to straight and anarkali suits. It was evident that the trend will have a winter version and so it did but is now more suited for kurtis. You can pair short jackets with kurtis – bomber jackets can also be tried out if you have the right style of kurti ready to wear with it.

embroidered kurtis styles

6. Wear woolen leggings

For bottoms, invest in woolen leggings which are incredibly comfortable and warm. You can also wear something like your usual pallazos or salwar suits and wear a warm legging underneath hidden away from the eyes of fashion police. It will look like your legs are immune from the extreme cold but only you and we will know the secret.

7. Pair some long boots with short kurtis

If you’re wearing a short kurti, grab some ankle length boots to pair with that. It will be a great ensemble for a night out or a party. Try it. 

8. Layer it up

Layering is the best form of fashion. If you can learn how to layer different pieces of clothing in winter, you can be super warm and comfortable while being extremely fashionable. Begin with thermal wear, then a kurti, then some long overcoat followed by a scarf, gloves, leggings, and long boots. 

9. Winter colors

A post on styling kurtis for winter cannot be complete without talking about colors of the season. Winter colors are mostly dark like black, red, green and blue but our fashion advice would be that you shouldn’t get afraid of experimenting with bright colors in winter. Bright colors like yellow and orange pair really nicely with dark winter colors. Try them out. 

10. Neck patterns to watch out for

For embroidered kurtis, mandarin collars are very much in trend. Even Nehru collar is widely accepted during the winter season. These collars are really practical choices for they keep your neck and back covered, saving you from cold. 

These are the top 10 tips for styling kurtis in winter. If you want to grab a unique kurti design, you must check out our unique customized embroidered kurtis options.