How To Look Slim in Kurtis?

We’re obsessed with looking slim. Aren’t we? Keep the thoughts of the nasty shaming society away, we all can easily accept the obvious fact that looking slim means looking better. Our body looks healthy. The dress we wear looks better, and we get a huge boost in self-confidence.

But what if you ate too many pancakes and donuts in winter? How can you still look slim in kurtis while you’re on your way to shedding those extra kilos? Here are some tricks that can help!

  1. Mind your body type

There are some styles of kurtis available. We suggest that you pick up the styles according to your body type. As a general rule, you must know that fluffy and frilled designs shouldn’t be picked up. Also, the styles that bring attention to your problem areas must be avoided. This means Anarkalis and balloon type kurti styles aren’t for you!

Look Slim in Kurtis

  1. Pick up a light fabric

Fabrics like chiffon and poly georgette are best for bulky women. And fabrics like art silk are sure to make you look like a giant. Don’t want to be so blunt, but that’s how we describe ourselves when we go for such fabrics. Now you know the advice comes from the people who have faced the problem! We are aware how to look slim in kurtis, and you’re in the process of knowing all the secrets. Well done!

  1. Be cautious while picking embroidered kurtis

We love embroidered kurtis just like you do. But when you are going to select embroidery designs, you can do all the magic you need. If you have a big bust, go for embroidery designs that cover the lower border of the kurti. Go for full sleeves, to hide away your chubby arms, and get them embroidered near the end. Don’t go for full sleeves embroidery. Also, choose the embroidery designs which are small in size, small flowers or leaves or anything! Big borders, big patches are a big NO NO!

  1. Choose the right kind of bottom

Unless you’re planning to wear a kurti as a one-piece, you need to be careful about what bottom you choose. Don’t go for palazzos or Patiala salwars. Go for normal salwars or churidaars. They will make you look extremely thin, make your legs look longer (hence thinner) and give you that lovely slim look.

  1. Choose dark colors

Very counter-intuitive for summer but you don’t have much choice if you really want to look slim in kurtis. Black should obviously be the most dominative color in your wardrobe but other dark colors will also do the trick. Try it out!

Wear Black to Look Slim in Kurtis

So ladies! There you have it. That’s exactly what we follow to make ourselves look slim in kurtis. What about you? Are you willing to follow these tips, look good and bookmark this post or just forget this as any other thing you found on internet? The choice is extremely yours. Choose it wisely. Good luck!