How 5 simple tips can help you look good in embroidered kurtis

Kurtis are an impeccable Indian version of tunics and are perfect for grand style, trendy fashion, and complete comfort. The fact that they suit women of all age group and body types make them more enticing. Embroidered kurtis are the love of women who like classical Indian wear with a touch of freshness in it. 

But a lot of you might fall prey to fashion faux-pas because of your lack of knowledge about wearing these the right way. If you're in love with embroidered kurtis but are unsure of how to carry them perfectly, read this post to find out some must-know things about wearing such kurtis. 

1. What to Wear with an embroidered kurti?

If you're thinking of combining your favorite printed leggings with your lovely embroidered kurti, that might be the worst fashion blunder you can make. Embroidered Kurtis just don't match with printed patterns. Although, there are exceptions, but they are very rare. 

If the embroidery on the kurti is something that made you buy it, it is a good enough sign not to go with patterned trousers, jeans or churidars. Try wearing it with plain churidar, jeggings or leggings.

2. How to pair them right?

Now that you know what kind of pattern you need to pick for the bottom to look ravishing, there are some don'ts that you must know of. Never pair a long kurti with boot cut trousers. Long kurtis always look good with normal leggings or skinny jeans. If the kurti is short, you can go for bottoms like boot cut trousers or Afghani salwar. 

3. How to pick the right color?

First of all, make sure that the embroidery on the kurti is complementing the solid color of the kurti. Then try to match the trouser with the embroidery. The general rule of picking up the bottoms, i.e. choose light colored bottom with a dark colored kurti and vice versa, applies here as well. Contrast colored bottom look stunning with embroidered kurtis. Try them!

4. How to pick the right kind of embroidered kurtis for your body type?

Not all types of embroidered kurtis would look good on you. If you're short and plump, try going for delicate embroidery. Embellishments around the sleeves and neck would look pretty on you. If you're long and thin, go for bigger patches of embroidery. 

Remember the ground rule that sleeker embroidery compliments plump body type while broad embroidery looks lovely on thin body type.  

5.How to pick the right shoes?

If you're wearing a floor length, Anarkali or kalidaar kurti, pair it with heels. This would look perfect for party wear. Straight and long kurtis also look good with heels and can be a good choice for office wear. Make sure you're comfortable enough.

For short embroidered kurtis, wear flats or the traditional Punjabi jutti. That would make you look elegant and perfect for casual occasions. 
These are the five must-know things about wearing embroidered kurtis. Did we miss something? Let us know. 

Make sure you get yourself a good trendy design and good quality product. That's the most important thing you must know of about wearing Indian clothes. Our collection of embroidered kurtis can help you with this. Try them out.