Fashionable Embroidered Kurtis Revolutionizing Daily Dressing

Embroidered kurtis are the latest trend of the season. These versatile Indian wear are now the favorite of women of all age groups. The fact that they can be used for casual wear, party wear and office wear make them even more beguiling. The choice of designs and how upcoming start-ups like Yoko24 are offering complete customization with the ease of online shopping make these an attractive piece of attire.

Where do these come from?

Are this embroidered kurtis new? Not at all. Kurtis have been a part of Indian traditional dressing for a long time. The very old Anarkali Kurtis were worn during the Mughal era. Each region in India has its traditional kurti design that has been passed among generations. With the westernization, the kurtis have become even more versatile and are highly preferred to other dresses.

Customizable designs

You can make a lot of changes to the fabric, design, colors, and pattern. This unleashes the inner creativity of designers and fashionistas. Customized embroidered kurtis are in vogue due to the same reason. Instead of wearing the same old design that gets supplied in bulk all over the country, you can now wear a new design which is unique and which goes with your taste.

Choice of different styles

Picking up different styles of kurtis is possible. Most modern kurti styles include A-line, Anarkali, Kaftan, tail cut, angarkha, dhoti and long straight kurtis. There are many more styles which can be worn in even more ways. It’s like you can wear a different dress every time you wear your same old kurti.

Embroidered Kurtis Neck Design

Pair with some bottoms

Another enticing feature is that you can match these kurtis with the various kinds of bottoms. Be it a simple churidar or a Patiala salwar, a pair of trousers or a long skirt, kurtis can be worn with any of these. You can also wear kurtis as a standalone dress.

Comfort and easy to manage

Undoubtedly, kurtis are the most comfortable piece of garment that Indian women love to wear. Cotton kurtis are such a blessing for the women who need to go out and work in the scorching heat. The breathable fabric keeps your body cool, and the embroidery designs never let your fashion statement see a downfall.

Another great feature of kurtis is how they’re easy to manage. A lot of daily wear kurtis are made of fabrics like cotton and poly georgette which can be easily washed. Most of them are suitable for hand wash and machine wash. As the daily dresses don’t include those blingy sequins and beads, washing the kurtis is never an issue.

A revolution is something that brings a complete change and kurtis have certainly done that. The women who have always dressed simply are now making a fashion statement. Women who always preferred western wear are now wearing Indian, of course with their unique western twist. Women who always wore stuff available in bulk at branded stores are now wearing customized unique designs. Everything is changing. But the question is, are you changing with it? Are you getting your customized embroidered kurtis from Yoko24? If not, get them!