Fashion Mistakes Women Make While Wearing Embroidered Kurtis

Do you know what's worse than wearing an old-fashioned piece that doesn't look good on you? It's being dressed in a dress in a wrong way. You pick a bright dress, maybe even get it custom designed and then wear it in a pathetic manner.

Do you think it's not possible? It is. How do you say fashion police came into existence in the first place? Do you feel offended when we say that you're capable of making fashion blunders? Well, you're kicking away the chance to know how not make these mistakes.

If you're a fashionista who loves style & fashion and doesn't want to mess up her style while she tries to flaunt the gorgeous embroidered kurtis, you need to read this post about fashion mistakes women make while wearing embroidered kurtis. 

Embroidered Dress

1. Wearing too short kurtis

Length is something which women don't bother themselves with when buying kurtis. Imagine someone wearing a short top with leggings! It's the most pathetic sight. Add to it the thick rippling legs and you would just want to close your eyes.

Before you say it, let's make it clear that this is not body shaming. Body shaming has nothing to do with being stylish. When you wear a kurti of the wrong length with the wrong pair of bottoms, you're just NOT being stylish. 

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2. Embroidery that doesn't match the fabric color

That's one big risk women have to take while going for custom embroidered kurtis. You not only can choose the embroidery design but also can choose the fabric color. Sometimes, it goes wrong. 
In all scenarios, embroidery colors must complement the fabric colors. If it doesn't, you need help with choosing your outfits.

3. Wearing too much embroidery

We all have met those pompous aunties who love heavy embroidery. They love it so much that they often go overboard with it. Embroidery looks fantastic. Why shouldn't it? It's one of the best-kept traditions of our country. But when you go extra-creative with embroidery and have it all over your dress, literally, that's when it goes wrong.

4. Wrong accessories

Accessories can make or mar your outfit. Bring in some cool Kundan jewelry or jhumkas with an Anarkali kurti, it'll look fantastic. But do the same when you're wearing a western-style kurti, and you'll look terribly dressed. Choosing the right kind of accessories is crucial.

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5. Not dressing up according to the occasion

Designing Embroidered Kurtis

If you're wearing a dress with sequins and lots of gaudiness, it might not be the perfect outfit for the office. While we certainly keep this in mind when it comes to choosing outfits for office, we tend to forget this while dressing up for other occasions. Wearing an overly embroidered costume for casual wear is a big blunder. It won't make you look any better. Don't do it. 

6. Wearing a dress you're not comfortable in

We all have seen those gossip news covering the celeb oops moments. Does that look cool? Not at all. Forgetting the need for comfort while designing your dresses is folly. So, when you go creative and design your kurti or any other dress, keep in mind that you need to be comfortable in it before anything else.

Over to you. What do you think are the biggest fashion blunders women make?