Best Kurti Colors For College Going Girls

College is one of the most memorable phases of one’s life. And it is overwhelmingly true that women want to look nothing but the best before they step out on the campus. While denim and tees are an all-time favorite, Indian ethnic wear also enjoys a lot of popularity amongst the contemporary youth. So today we will focus on one aspect of this class of apparel- the kurtis. Read on to know what is in as far as kurtis for girls are concerned. We are sure you will love these styles and colors, so let us get started!

Pastels for the summers

Pastel kurti for girls

For summer dressing, you can go for kurtis that comes in pastel shades. Opt for light floral prints or traditional embroidery, and you are on your way to go. Since these colors have a soothing appearance, they are ideal for dressing up during the summers.

Go dark and bright for the winters

For the winter months, you can opt for dark and bright colors. These look appealing and will also help you to keep the gloomy weather at bay. The market today has a fabulous collection of woolen kurtis for girls. You can choose dark shades in maroon, green, blue, and even brown. Black, the ultimate favorite is another choice that you have.

For the bottoms, choose contrast

Any style of kurti that you want to wear goes well with bottoms that come in a contrasting color. Pair your kurtis with churidars in colors such as pink, blue, black, red, green, or even white. For instance, a pink colored kurti looks flattering when paired with a blue or green churidar. The idea is to create a contrast that brings out the best of both the fabrics.

Bright colors for anarkalis

 Bright colors for Kurtis For Girls

If you are someone who loves Anarkali kurtis for girls, then opt for a single color instead of going for a fabric dyed in multiple hues. Blue, black, orange, yellow, and maroon look appealing. The idea of choosing a single color here is to let the style and cut of the kurti do the talking. You can pair an Anarkali with a lovely churidar made of fabrics such as cotton-silk.

Color-Block Kurtis

For those looking for some adventure, color-block kurtis for girls are a great option. These come in an array of colors ingrained in a single fabric and give you an opportunity to experiment. For example, you can choose blocks of orange, green, and white; this is something that goes with the Indian theme. So if you are dressing up for a patriotic event on the campus, a color-block kurtis will look fantastic. It makes you look traditional, and also goes well with the theme you want to depict. The only word of caution here is to go for colors that gel with your skin tone; do not go for anything overly dramatic.

Multi-colored Kaftan Kurtis

This is another trend that has recently picked up on the Indian fashion scene. So if you want to experiment with colors again, kaftan kurtis with multi-hued prints are a good option. You can try

Apart from this, you can experiment with the cuts and styles in kurtis. Flared kurtis, straight-cut, c-cut, and so on; there is a lot of variety to choose from in kurtis for girls. You can scout the online stores to keep a tab on the latest designs, and also add a dash of your creativity to get that perfect look!

Img Credits: BollywoodHungama