Best Embroidered Kurti Colors For Regular Wear

Thinking of buying some kurtis for girls in your house? Be it your wife, your daughter or thy majesty, latest colors of the season will suit the taste of all. They’re rocking the fashion ramps all over the world and for a person who lives in India, these colors are bliss. They’re light, neutral and reflective – perfect for summer. Ready to know about the best embroidered kurtis colors for regular wear this season?

  1. Rose Quartz

This almost pink shade is a very soothing color that reflects calmness and compassion. Imagine the budding pink roses or flushed cheeks of a fair-skinned woman; that’s the color we’re talking about. It’s amazing for summer.

  1. Serenity

Imagine a clear blue sky! This color reflects calmness and makes you feel a sense of space around you. The color looks so natural and real.

  1. Peach echo

Do you love orange color? If yes, you will love this shade. The fashion community has always been obsessed with orange and seeing this color rise in the trends is no shocker. This color reflects warmth and friendliness and is amazing for evening dresses.

  1. Limpet Shell

Oh, this reminds us of the favorite of many women across the world –cyan! But this color is cooler. This aqua shade is clean and cool, reflects freshness. Isn’t that exactly what we require in summer?

  1. Lilac Gray

Neutral colors are always wanted. This is for those of you who still can’t make peace with experimentation. You just want the same old colors you always wanted but still need something fresh in it. This shade of gray is perfect for that. Neutral colors are also easy to style and hence work almost always!

These are our top 5 embroidered kurtis colors for regular wear!

Wait! These are the base colors. Of course, embroidery colors would be different. So, what colors go well with the above-mentioned colors?

  1. For Rose Quartz – Serenity, Lilac Gray, and Peach Echo
  2. For Serenity – Peach Echo, Snorkel Blue (a shade from navy family) and Buttercup ( yellow shade)
  3. For Peach Echo – Rose Quartz, Serenity and Lilac Gray
  4. For Limpet Shell – Rose Quartz, Peach Echo and Iced Coffee (a mix of beige and brown)
  5. For Lilac Gray – Fiesta ( red shade), Green Flash (A shade from green family) and Iced Coffee

There you have it, lady! You know which embroidered kurtis colors are hottest this season and how to match them with embroidery or contrasting bottoms or whatever your imagination desires.

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Don’t forget to tell us which color you liked the most and if you’re planning to add any of the above-mentioned colors in your wardrobe! We’re waiting for your comments down below!