Best Care Tips For Embroidered Kurtis Online

Embroidered kurtis are a universal trend and it’s going to stay at the top of every young and working woman’s fashion favourites. It comes with its set of concerns and problems. Two major problems people face with embroidered kurtis are buying them without getting duped and maintaining them in their best condition.

Tips while buying embroidered kurtis online

Kurtis Online

Buying a kurti from a brick and mortar store is all fine, but when we start shopping online, there are certain issues which we have to tackle. I would still suggest you stick to online shopping because it lets you have a better choice and shop comfortably at better prices. So, how can you make a better buying decision?

  1. Buy from a website instead of a random seller: The trend of Facebook shopping and Instagram shopping is increasing day by day, but with it, the risk associated has also increased. Most of the online sellers on Facebook and Instagram don’t offer cash on delivery and even a proper registered business address. Their return policies are shady and often non-existent. You are leaving everything on your luck while ordering from such a store that can run away with your money anytime. Therefore, it’s crucial that you shop from an established business that has a website.
  2. Buy from the websites with secure payment options: If the site offers cash on delivery, it’s well and good. But you know we’re going through major cash crunch in India and hence, going cashless has become a necessity. When you shop embroidered kurtis online, stick to only those websites that have a secure payment gateway. How will you know if a site has one or not? Check the top of the address bar when you click on ‘make payment’ or ‘pay’ button. It should have a green lock on the left when you initiate payment. That green button signifies that it’s a secure website.
  3. Read reviews: Before you go on to select a collection of dresses from a website, spend a few minutes in looking for reviews for that particular site. Don’t you analyze the clothing and embroidery carefully while shopping at a brick and mortar store? We all are aware of how much time we spend in shopping for any dress. But we tend to forget that we need to do the same while shopping online. Look for reviews, research well and then shop.
  4. Inquire about the return policy: A return policy is important to check when you’re shopping for readymade kurtis. You will obviously not find a return policy in case of customized products. With customized products, you have to rely on the reviews. But if you’re shopping for ready-made, always pick a website that offers easy returns and excellent customer service.

That’s how you can shop online in a better and more secure way. Now, let’s say you got a great kurti from an online store like Yoko24 and now, the responsibility of maintaining that kurti in the best shape is on your shoulders.

Essential care and maintenance tips for embroidered kurtis

Embroidered Kurtis Style

  1. Be gentle with them: We have already written a well-explained post on how to wash an embroidered kurti with minute detailing. You can check it to see how you can wash such fabrics without damaging the threads and motifs. You need to be very gentle with embroidered kurtis depending on the threads. Resham threads can still bear the harshness to some extent, but something like zari will just deconstruct if you don’t follow the proper care instructions.
  2. Use soft detergents and fabric softeners: Although I believe the quality of threads used for embroidery have a major role in determining the life of a kurti, you can still elongate it with the use of right products. A fabric softener is relatively a new product in India but can give you exceptional results. You use it after washing the product with a soft detergent. Try it!
  3. Store them in tissue paper or polythene wraps: The embroidery may leave color if you stash the kurtis one over the other (isn’t that what we usually do?). You’re not supposed to make layers of different fabrics in your cupboard. Even hanging them on a clothing hanger may turn out bad if you’re using a metal hanger or have a smooth fabric that may lose its shape over long periods of storage. To overcome such problem is using either tissue papers or polythene wraps to store your embroidered dress material. Each one should be stored individually.
  4. Do spot treatment for stains: One of the major reasons why people use hard detergents is that soft detergents turn out to be less effective on stains. What you need to understand is that detergents aren’t meant for stain removal. If you have got a stain on your embroidered kurti, use club soda to brush off the stain gently. The process needs to be done only on the affected area and in a very soft gentle manner.
  5. Take care while ironing: Never iron your embroidered kurtis from the outer side. Turn them inside out and iron that side. If you don’t follow these instructions, you will damage the embroidery and will soon start seeing threads and beads coming off your dress. 

So, I have shared nine tips with you for taking care of embroidered kurtis that you buy from an online store. The first four tips are essential to pick a good dress that’s worth taking care of. And the next five will ensure that you cherish your dress for a time longer than you had ever expected.

Trust me on that! You will have to throw away your kurti for you’re just wearing for YEARS. I hope you enjoyed reading this and do comment below if you have any questions regarding maintenance of embroidered kurtis. Do check more posts on the blog for fashion and style tips.