7 things about designer kurtis online you may not have known

Do you think you know everything about designer kurtis online? I bet you do not. There are so many things which people hide from you. There are so many things that online sellers of kurtis don't tell you. There are so many things you just miss due to the abundance of information. I am going to share the list of all those things which you must know. So, let's start with that.

1. Online scams 

You saw some designer kurtis online, and you picked one for yourself. You loved the design, and you loved how it looks very sweet, and then you place an order and get the package on your doorstep. All is fine until now. But when you open it up, it doesn't look at all like the one that was in the picture on that particular website. It's a thing that happens every single day to hundreds of people in this country. You buy something. You get something completely different, and that is because most of the companies which are selling online are not adhering to the quality standards. They do not care about you after they have got the money from you. Beware of such scams! 

Kurtis Fabric

2. The price issue

Some brands just sell by this word 'designer.' Just because it's a designer kurti doesn't mean that it has to be expensive. After all, not all designer kurtis online are designed by Manish Malhotra. Is it? If it's not conceived by this particular designer who sells expensive stuff, you do not need to pay loads of money for a simple designer kurti. Typical designers are very much inexpensive, and you do not need to pay so much. Most of the companies are just making a fool out of you by selling the word 'designer' in a package which is cheaper than what you are expecting it to be. 


3. A lot depends on the fabric's quality

Have you wondered why a particular embroidery which you loved on a piece of fabric doesn't look that good on another piece of fabric you chose? It's because the material quality makes a lot of difference when it comes to the final appeal of a design. Embroidery, for example, Zari will look great on fabric like a chiffon, silk, and georgette but will not look that great on cotton. Would it? I think that proves my point that embroidery has to be very specific and has to go with the fabric you are choosing.

4. People are shopping for customized kurtis these days

Do you know that you can have an entire piece customized for yourself?  Yes! There are websites like mine, Yoko24.com, that serve customized embroidered kurtis. You pick the embroidery you want, you pick the color of the kurti, and you pick the fabric to be used. In a week, that design is prepared just for you and delivered right to your doorstep. That is very much possible and that is the latest trend of shopping in India. If you are not doing that kind of shopping, you're missing out a lot. 

Designer Kurtis Online

5. Choose what makes you look good

There are a lot of kurtis styles and most of the times women pick kurtis on the basis of design. The design is important but what's more important is that the design suits your body type. If you're not choosing a dress that would look good on you, don't expect it to make you look good. Do you get my point? You have to make sure that you are picking the right size for your body, for your complexion and your personality. If you do that, even a simple cotton kurti will look as if it's a beautiful designer piece.

6. Experiment with different styles

Wearing kurtis would not be fun anymore if you stop experimenting with the new styles. There are a lot of kurti styles which we have seen, and we have loved, but there is still a scope for a lot of new designs which you can try out. You should be open to all of those designs because otherwise there is no point in being interested in fashion. 

7. The importance of finesse of the work

Let me tell you about a book I read in which the protagonist was the designer herself. She was very particular about the employees she had, who would work on creating that design. A designer never makes the dress himself or herself. He/She just draws the design on a piece of paper and it is the employees who would bring that design to reality. If you have a great designer but his employees are not good enough and do not have that finesse in work, you're not going to get an excellent output. So always ask about what kind of employees the designer collaborates with. ​

You, now, have the entire information you need to be an expert at buying designer kurtis online. You know everything that you should have known already but if you're late, now you know about it, and now you can use this information in your daily life and shop in a better way. Also, check out my store of customized embroidered kurtis Yoko24 and see some designs. Give me a call and let me know how can I help you to have some great customized kurtis for you.