7 Ingenious Style Tips To Wear Party Dresses

Party Wear Kurtis are the favorites of young Indian fashionistas. The kind of ease, comfort and style you get from this attire is unmatchable. The versatility of this garment is the real reason behind its success. It suits all body types, occasions and styles. 

Whether you want an Indian desi look or a stunning western look, party wear kurtis can give you all. But to be able to look REAL good in them, you require some tips. Here are the most necessary things you must know about kurtis for party wear. 

1. Pick a good style of party wear kurtis

Of course, you get an excellent choice when it comes to kurtis, but it is critical that you find the right style. What is good style? It is taking a type of kurti that would go with the occasion, your body type and your personal preference. 

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If you're unsure about which style to pick, our post about hottest kurti styles can help. Feel free to experiment but try to stay away from fashion faux pass through sound judgement and careful research about what's hot and what's not!

2. Choose a style according to your body type

If you pick up a kurti that compliments your body structure, you would automatically look much better. One of the best tip about choosing a dress according to your body type is to try to get the attention away from the problem area. If some part of your body is too heavy, attempt to bring the focus away from that area. 

If your bottom is heavy, try to go for kurtis that aren't too tight around that area. Also, don't go for kurtis that are frilled around the bottom. If your bust is massive, don't go for embroidery around this field. If your arms are bulky, go for full sleeves or quarter sleeves to cover up the area. Such tweaks in the design can make a lot of difference.

3. Use the right fabric

Light fabrics like chiffon and poly georgette make you look slim while heavy materials like art silk make you look chubby. Also, fabrics like cotton are naturally fluffy and would give you the same kind of look. 
So, the material you choose for party wear kurtis is imperative. Don't just focus on the design and style. Pay adequate attention to the fabric type and its quality. 

4. Be very specific about measurements

Thanks to the common Indian wear trend, women can pick up party wear kurtis ready to wear easily from the market. But are they really prepared to wear? 

Such ready-made garments are prepared with general measurements, and chances have they won't fit you perfectly. But a dress that perfectly fits your body is the only one that would look good on you.
Therefore, make sure the kurti you're going to wear fits you in the best manner possible. It would take a little extra effort and some trips to the tailor, but we promise that it would be worth it. 

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5. Store the party wear kurtis well

Don't just stash your lovely kurtis in your cupboard and forget about them. That wrinkled mess of cloth is never going to look good for you. Oh! And those dirty sleeves do get noticed by people. And those loose threads from embroidery are the final nail in the coffin to ruin your outfit.

Party Wear Kurtis, due to the heavy embroidery and delicate material, must be handled very carefully. If they require dry cleaning, store them only after you get them dry cleaned. Follow the special instructions that come with the fabric you choose. Make sure you don't stuff them in your cupboard, rather put them correctly in a well-organized space.

6. Choose the right accessories

Accessories make a huge difference to your overall look. Pick the right ones and you will look like a diva. Try to go light with accessories when you're wearing heavily embroidered kurtis. Use chunky statement necklaces with plain kurtis to add the wow factor. 

Pair the kurtis with the right set of bottoms that fit you perfectly and finish the look with a good pair of footwear. Always remember that your hairdo, makeup, accessories and footwear contribute significantly to your complete look. 

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7. Be comfortable

And finally, the most important style tip to wear party wear kurtis is to be comfortable in what you're wearing. In an imaginary competition to look good, girls try to push themselves to limits that make them uncomfortable. Your outfit won't have that charismatic look if not accompanied by your wonderful smile and serene face. 

Keep these seven tips in mind and we're sure you will look your best in party wear kurtis. If you think all these tips will help you to plan your next party wear outfit, share this and comment with a "yes" below.