6 Reasons Why You Must Buy Cotton Kurtis This Summer


Summer is here. With that comes the exhausting task of getting our summer wardrobe ready. We are completely aware what kind of dilemma women go through during this change of season. Old clothes don’t fit well. Or they’re not trendy anymore. We just need new clothes but don’t what!

We propose that you buy some cotton kurtis. Embroidered kurtis or not, some cotton ones are a must. Don’t agree with us? Keep reading & we promise we’ll convince you!

Cotton Kurtis

  1. Occasion friendly

Gone is the time when cotton was just worn for daily wear in India. Now, cotton makes a fabulous party wear outfit. With those amazing side slits, front cuts, and designs, cotton doesn’t feel like cotton anymore. Remember the time when everyone preferred this cloth for it was cheap and friendly? Now, people prefer cotton for they come in unmatchable designs that can fit any occasion – kitty party, family function, office wear or daily casual wear.

  1. Breathable fabric

Cotton is bliss for people living in regions that face hot summer. The fabric is breathable and reflects the heat due to which it makes you feel calm and less hot in the scorching heat.

  1. Easy to maintain

We don’t need to tell how easy it is to wash this fabric and store. Do we? Earlier people used to complain how the colors on this fabric fade with time but with the advancement in technology; that’s not the case at present. This fabric can be worn again and again for a long time. It’s economical.

  1. Choice of colors

Ask your grandmother about what cotton was like in her time. The kind of colourful designs and patterns that are available nowadays at a nominal price were a rare sight a few years back.

  1. Choice of style

There are so many kurti styles that can help you achieve a variety of looks. Our favourites are Afghani kurtis, embroidered kaftans, Anarkali and kurtis with front slits. What’s yours?

  1. Easy to pair and accessorize

Cotton kurtis go well with jeans, leggings, salwar, skirts and almost every kind of bottom that you can pair with a kurti. You also have an excellent choice of accessories. You can wear junk jewellery or beads or anything you desire with a cotton kurti. It will look good.

Cotton is fabric that’s versatile and comfortable. There are so many good things we can say about this fabric, and it just lifts up the overall appeal of a kurti. So, while shopping for your summer wardrobe, don’t forget to add in some cotton pieces.

In case, you’re looking for embroidered kurtis; you can design your kurti using our custom design technology and order yourself a new kurti right now.

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