6 Insanely Useful Tips to Wear Embroidered Kurtis

Men would never believe it, but when we say we have nothing to wear, we are truthful. Come on! It’s too insane to expect us to wear same thing hundred different times. Isn’t it?

Embroidered Kurtis are a young girl’s best friend. We’re lucky for Kurtis, with their versatility and available choice of bottoms, can be worn in some different ways. We never have to worry about wearing the same thing. We can always look different. But, here’s the catch.

Embroidered Kurtis are those critical pieces in our wardrobe which can either make us look like a diva or make us offend the fashion police. Ladies! To save yourself from the humility of being boring and unfashionable, read these tips that can help you rock the embroidered kurti look!

1.    Right fitting is more important than you think

Do you know a large number of women just pick up the readymade kurti from fashion stores and wear them without any alteration? We hope you are not feeling guilty right now. With every piece you add to your wardrobe, you must schedule a trip to the tailor. Consider this as your fashion mantra.

Why? Because your fitting is different than some other lady. Those generic sizes you get in fashion stores aren’t ready to wear. They need to be altered, and it’s your responsibility to get them ready before you wear them.

2.    Pick the right color

Do you shop for things on the whim of the moment? You saw a beautifully embroidered kurti and picked it right then. Did you think how would it look for you? Is that bold yellow color suitable for your skin tone?

If you have a fair skin, go for dark colors and if your skin is a bit on the darker side, go for pastels. Think of what dresses you already have to make you look the best and try to pick up new embroidered kurtis in colors similar to those dresses.

3.    Right length is, even more, important

Of course, long kurtis are trending these days, but if you’re already very tall, they are going to make you look weird. Long Kurtis work best on women with short height while women like you should go for short heavily embroidered kurtis.

Now, keep in mind that long and short are full words. Keep experimenting with the length to find out which one suits you the best and then stick with it.

4.    Choose the right style

Embroidered Kurtis Style Tips

Why do we love kurtis so much? Because of the variety of styles, they provide us. But dear! All the styles are not meant for you. There are some styles which won’t look good for you. Do you know heavy full-length Anarkali can make you look fat? Imagine if you’re already on the chubby side. Do you really want to show some extra kilos on your body?

Don’t go for frills, wide borders, and big embroidery if you’re on the heavier side. Do the opposite if you’re thin. Also, keep track of the latest trends. You can also check the most popular kurti styles for some inspiration.

5.    Style according to the occasion

When we say they’re versatile, they actually are. You can wear them with a formal outfit for office, as a casual outfit for going out with friends, as a western outfit for going to club parties and as an ethnic party wear outfit for family functions. But in case you’re assuming that the same kurti would go for all the occasions, that ain’t gonna happen!

Every single kurti is meant for a different time. Never try to make it work in an entirely different place.

6.    Pick the right accessories

When you’re wearing heavily embroidered kurtis, go light with the accessories. Small earrings or a small stone on your finger is enough. When you’re wearing light plain kurtis, go for statement jewelry to give you a modern look. Statement jewelry look nice for office wear (when worn in moderation) and for casual wear. When you’re dressing up for a wedding or family function, go for traditional Indian accessories.

Be careful with them. If you think you can’t make a right choice of accessories, skip them. It would be a better decision. Also, be careful about the kind of footwear you choose. Sneakers never look good with Indian wear. Heels, pumps, and Punjabi juttis look fabulous.

Talk about a complete resource on how you should style yourself with embroidered kurtis and you have it! We hope this was an eye opener for you and gave you some insanely useful tips to wear the beautiful and much-loved kurtis. Give it a share if it did!