5 Traits of Kurtis That Are Truly The Best

You have been scavenging the internet like a thirsty crow searches for water, but no one has ever talked about the characteristics of the best kurtis. They talk about what kurti styles to wear, what kurtis would look good on you and where to shop. But they don’t tell you what exactly you should look for if you want the BEST KURTI for yourself.

Before you call you search unsuccessful, you need to read this. I bet it’s exactly what you need to know. 

1. Look for quality

Kurti designs have been overhyped. Designs don’t really matter, not until you have checked the quality box. Have you ever swooned over a plain white kurti? What’s so good about the design of a plain white kurti? No design element gets noticed in that case. What you notice is the elegant attire. The grace comes with the quality of the fabric. 

In the case of a white kurti, you won’t look for the design. It will naturally make you check the quality and get whatever feels soft and nice. But the problem is when you start looking at designs, you completely forget about quality.

Don’t tell me you haven’t typed “cheap dress material” ever to begin your shopping. Cheap is never going to bring you the best. Stop looking for cheap stuff. And start looking for quality materials which may be expensive, but actually worth the amount.

2. Latest design

You may want a retro style, but if you want to differentiate between a good and bad dress material, you must look for whether it is in line with latest design trends or not. The connection between these two may seem vague, but it’s real. Latest designs mean the fabric comes from a strong manufacturing unit that has employed great designers to pick the dresses which are being loved at present. At the same time, that would be the fresh stock that you can pick and wear before anyone else. 

3. Look for the finesse

Embroidered Kurtis

How tough is it to find embroidered kurtis? With one click, you can see lakhs of designs. Each one seems to be impeccable but which one is truly the best? It depends on how clean the embroidery is. What type of threads has been used for the design? Are there any loose threads coming out? 

Designs prepared with a high quality of threads and by experienced artisans never look unfinished or shabby. They are always close to perfection. 

4. The one that fits you well

After telling you about the essential qualities that form best kurtis in the world, I would like to go to the more personal side. Not all best dresses are meant for you. Even if you have a great design with good quality and finesse, there are chances it may not be right for you. Think about a design that doesn’t fit you well or one that doesn’t complement your skin tone! Would anybody give you compliments? Would the attire please anybody’s eyes when you wear it? Would it make you feel good to wear such a dress? If not, why buy it? Always purchase dress materials that are according to your body type and skin tone. Then get it stitched by a good tailor. A dress that is stitched well is the only one that looks good.

5. It goes with your budget

You will always find a costlier variant of a particular type of dress. A Manish Malhotra lehenga will always be ten times more expensive than the beautiful lehengas prepared by a poor local artisan who spends his entire life working in a clothing manufacturing unit. But does that mean that only a costly lehenga can be the best? Obviously not!

That’s why when you asked me about the best kurtis I told you about how to recognize one or differentiate one from the rest of the lot. I hope it was helpful to you. I would also urge you to check out my shop and see if you want some customized embroidered kurtis for yourself or your loved ones, you should contact me at 9161314138. I can provide you with a customized design that you will ADORE!