5 Best Fabrics For Party Wear Kurtis

All of us want to look gorgeous at a party. But, often it is assumed that only western wear makes you look hot and sensual. However, you will stop believing that after you’re done reading this. The reason being, you’ll never go wrong in choosing good looking, sensual yet elegant party wear kurtis and hence will sizzle the event with your dressing. 

Here we will tell you about some beautiful materials that will make for great party wear kurtis.

1.    Chiffon

One of our favorite fabrics for almost anything, be it a saree, a gown, tops and, of course, kurtis. Chiffon, which means cloth in French, is a very lightweight fabric that is soft to the touch and hence makes for comfortable clothing. They are mainly used to create rich looking, high-class outfits and thereby are a showstopper at parties and evening events. Since it is quite thin and fragile, a lot of expertise is required to stitch these into wearables and hence they are going to be slightly heavy in your pocket. 

2. Georgette 

Very close to chiffon, georgette is fabric that is also quite transparent but thicker and heavier than chiffon. A lot of experts say that Georgette is preferred to chiffon when you want some embroidery and stone work on your outfit as it will stay in place better. Also, if your design has a fancy cut or neck then go for georgette. Also, since Georgette is not very transparent, you can skip the lining part of it and opt to wear a slip underneath if required. 

3. Jute

embroidery on jute

Again a personal favorite, this fabric is best for sophisticated parties where sober is the code. More on the thicker side, Jute makes for a beautiful material to stitch full sleeved kurtis for the chilly winters so you wouldn’t have to bother about carrying an extra piece of warm cloth with you. Along with a cotton dupatta, this kurti will look very elegant and classy.  

4. Silk

silk for party wear kurtis

Popular in the cities of Mysore and North Bangalore, Silk is considered to be a luxury good. And maybe that’s the reason it is very popular in making outfits for special occasions. A high quality silk kurti will cost you somewhere between 1,500 INR to close even to 5,000 INR. Depending upon the silk, it is usually soft to touch and comes in a variety of colors. Kurtis made from old, and preserved silk sarees are now a trend and look quite beautiful. 

5. Soft Net

This kind of material usually makes for a good tight fitted kurti and hence are popular among teenage girls and slim women. This is not stereotyping, but it suits the bodies of anyone with a good figure. Since net as the fabric has the strength to hold stonework, this kind of kurtis could be worn at grand events like wedding or receptions. Since the net is quite transparent, it is advised to put a lining underneath this material. However, the kurtis can be made appealing by avoiding the coating on the hands, back or shoulder areas. 

Party wear Kurtis are also available online now, and you can choose from a wide range of fabrics. However, it is also a wiser choice to get yourself a good piece of stitched kurti. Materials are available in the market, and the seller will provide you with some designs that will blow your mind. One tip, buy your favorite kind of material from the store and get designer kurti online. You can also check out suitable designs for your fabric from the kurtis sold online.