4 Secrets To Look Good In Kurtis

It’s a fact that kurtis are the current favorite of Indian women. Be it a teenager, college girl, working woman or a housewife – kurtis are everyone’s comfort wear. But are you the kind who is still not able to adopt the trend? Perhaps, you are still wondering why all this hype! 
The reason is you never figured out how to look good in Kurtis. It can just be that you’re not styling it properly, and that’s why considering kurtis as not-so-great attire. Worry no more as we’re going to share the best-kept secrets (until now) to look good in kurtis.

1.    Choose the right fabric

Bright fabrics work for kurtis online shopping

If you decide to follow our blog regularly, you will find us talking about the fabrics all the time. They’re important. If the fabric doesn’t suit your body type, style, and taste, it just won’t make you look good and feel comfortable. So, when you decide to pick up a kurti, ensure that you give due consideration to the fabric. Go for chiffon and georgette if you’re chubby and go for silk and cotton if you’re too thin.

2.    Choose the right style

One of the many reasons why we love kurtis (so much so that we decided to build a business around it) is that there is so much variety in kurti styles. Afghani, kaftans, anarkali, straight and what not! While a heavily embroidered kurti is best for a function, a kurti with sleek embroidery can be worn to the office. There are so many possibilities, and if you choose the right style for right occasion, you will love them (and, of course, look classy in them). Another Tip: go for Victorian styled flared kurtis this season. They’re trending!

3.    Accessorize well

Look good in kurtis

Why do you think we dedicated one entire blog post to help you accessorize well with your party wear kurtis? It’s just as important as fabric and style. If you don’t pick up the right accessories, you can just mar the look of the entire outfit. Not going with any accessories is also not acceptable as it just makes the outfit boring. Take out five more minutes to read our previous blog post and you will know how you can accessorize your kurtis. 

4.    Pick the right colors

This summer is all about pastels. If you think they’re too subtle, go for bold red and blue. These are the hottest colors of the season and are surely going to make you stand out. Beware! Don’t pick a color that doesn’t suit your skin tone. Sometimes you have to get rude while delivering the truth, but that’s how it is. Choose colors that suit, even if that means going against the trend.

Wait! Do you think there’s more? That’s the thing about secrets. Most of the times they’re right in front of us, but you’re never able to see it. Ask your mom to help you with kurtis online shopping and she would have made a choice while keeping all these in mind. Such tips are so obvious to them, but probably they weren’t to you. Now they’re. Now, you’re equipped to shop for kurtis that will make you look good. What are you waiting for? Start shopping!