About Us

We're not here to sell kurtis. There we said it. There are hundreds of amazing online destinations where you can scroll through thousands of designs of embroidered kurtis and party wear kurtis. You might even get unbelievable discounts. And when we talk about ourselves, we're proud to say that we're nothing like them. We're just not selling kurtis.

Settled in a small place in Uttar Pradesh, we're a team of craftsmen who believe in art. Clothing in India has never been just clothing. It's an expression. Through clothing, we can express who we are and what we represent. The colors and motifs speak out a message and a lot of us listen to it subconsciously.

We have been creating embroidered kurtis since years. Craftsmen with years of expertise and goodwill have customers that spread our business through word of mouth. We never needed more. We were satisfied.

But would it have been a good idea to keep this art to ourselves? Wasn't it a mean thing to serve just our close customers settled in the town we live at and their relatives residing in different parts of the state? It surely was.

Hence, we decided to create an online destination where we could give anyone with access to the internet an opportunity to express through clothes. With embroidered kurtis and party wear kurtis online, we set up Yoko24.

But as we said, we don't want to keep the art to ourselves. We want you to participate. Consequently, we launched the one of its kind feature to DESIGN YOUR KURTI. You can just visit us at Yoko24, and unleash your creativity to design your kurti. With our exclusive technology, you just create the design, submit and our craftsmen weave the fine threads to create the same piece for you. How does that sound?

We also have some readymade embroidered kurtis designs picked up on popularity basis. It's a limited collection that comes to you after undergoing a strict process of design and quality check.

Don't forget our blog that are words of our old-age craftsmen who carry the expertise of their generations with them. You can follow it for fashion advice, style tips and latest developments in the line of embroidered kurtis.

Now you know about us. The only thing we ask you is to choose whether you want just an embroidered kurti or a real fashion experience? If you chose the latter, you can get started here.